Guide to Sicily

Enjoy a wonderful journey through space and time

A journey through the ancient and modern, through time and space, all within the three corners of this unique Mediterranean island. A chance to enjoy unequalled scenery among the colours, scents, sounds and flavours and thousands of years of history…

Three thousand years of history

Sicily, thanks to its strategic geographical position, has always been an important crossroads where numerous populations and races have come to trade…

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The history of Sicilian architecture

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More than a thousand places to visit

Sicily is a variegated and colourful mosaic, a multitude of hues and tantalizing sceneries, an array of natural, evocative landscapes…

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Sicily’s two climates

There is a mythological explanation regarding Sicilian weather. One day in spring, the god Pluto, king of the Underworld, appeared from the lake of Pergusa and caught sight of…

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Events not to miss in Sicily
The colours and flavours of Sicily’s exquisite cuisine