Holiday villas in Ragalna

Holiday villas in Ragalna

A unique place in the world with many little jewels all around. The territory overlooked by the Aetna offers several surprises to those ones who land here. Not just the majestic volcano and its homonymous Park are worth going on interesting excursions but also the various localities enclosed in this protected area. Ragalna, peculiar little village settled – 830 metres on the sea level – on the south-western side of the Aetna and about 20 km away from Rifugio Sapienza with the cable car and skilift, is exemplar in this sense. Plunged into a scenery outlined by fruit orchards, olive groves and vineyards the village of Ragalna guards prestigious historical monuments such as the Chiesa della Madonna del Carmelo (Our Lady of Carmel’s Church – XIX century) whom Saint Patroness is dedicated the annual feast occurring at the end of September; the Chiesa di Santa Barbara (Saint Barbara’s Church); the Chiesa di Don Bosco (Father Bosco’s Church) and the Chiesa della Madonna delle Nevi (Our Lady of the Snows’ Church). Not far away from Ragalna extends the town of Paternò, of which Ragalna itself was a hamlet without its own municipality until 1985, before becoming an autonomous common in deed. In the small town of Paternò – after taking a walk along the ancient boulevard named “Via Vittorio Emanuele” which is rich in patrician mansions and considered as the “outdoor parlour” of the town – some historical buildings rising on the higher part of the locality (called the Historical Hill) are really worth paying a visit. Among these monuments particularly distinguishing are: the Chiesa Madre (Mother Church – 1342) with its monumental flight of steps contemporaneously giving access to the building and connecting it to the little village down below; the architectonic complex of San Francesco alla Collina (Saint Charles on the Hill – 1346) with its gothic style marked church and the Castello Normanno (Norman Castle – 1072). At the basement of the hill – where since the XIV century onwards developed the “low part of the town” – the architectonic complex of the ex-monastery of the Santissima Annunziata (Our Most Holy Lady of the Annunciation – XVII century) and the churches of Santa Barbara and Santa Caterina d’Alessandria stand out instead.

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Ragalna - East of Sicily
Beautiful pool, large terraces and well-tended garden – On the slopes of Mount Etna

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