Holiday villas in Cefalù

Holiday villas in Cefalù

Holiday villas and vacation rentals in Sicily near Cefalù

Cefalù is a world wide known tourist resort placed on the Tyrrhenian coast, 60 Km away on the eastern side of Palermo. The ancient Sicilian village was founded in the IV century B.C. and in the running of the centuries became – respectively – a Roman, Byzantine and Moslem town knowing its highest splendour under the Norman rule. Cefalù is situated inside an extraordinary and charming panorama among the huge sea horizon and the overhanging Fortress and the Norman Cathedral soaring above the town. Around the Duomo, real fulcrum of the medieval town planning, meander several narrow streets and you get the chance to admire a lot of churches and small Baroque and Renaissance mansions. Particularly worth visiting are: “l’Osterio Magno”, “il lavatoio Medievale” (the medieval washhouse), “il borgo Marinaro” (the fishermen hamlet), “il Tempio di Diana” (the temple of Diana) and the Mandralisca museum keeping rare archaeological remains and different ages’ works of art such as the extraordinary “Ritratto d’Ignoto” (Portrait of Unknown) by Antonello da Messina.

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Cefalù - North-west of Sicily
Direct access to the beach and the sea - Spacious, well equipped outdoor areas

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